About Robust

At Robust, wines are listed by Robust Factor™ – a friendly format to help you navigate the world of wine. We offer more than 40 wines by the glass, wine flights, and a full bottle list. Whatever your style, we have a Robust Factor to suit your taste.

The Robust Factor

Best suited for sushi, soft cheeses, quiche Lorraine, butter and cream sauces, lobster, asparagus, peaches, fried calamari, and, of course, caviar.  Perfectly happy all by itself, but always searching for a party!

In search of herbed chicken, raw oysters, sautéed white fish, grilled pork loin, pasta pesto, vegetarian delights, curried shrimp and sunny summer days.

Most compatible with grilled chicken of white fish, and seafood paella, but fancies the likes of sexy mussels, goat cheese, and slow-roasted turkey.

Attracts sultry sautéed scallops, savory brown butter sauces, grilled lobster tails, pastas with cream sauce, pork roast, salmon and chicken any-which-way.

Desperately seeking roast duck, chicken with sage, soft cheeses, BLTs, grilled lamb, veal chops, or salmon, and sautéed mushrooms.

Inspired by beef carpaccio, chicken empanadas, rosemary pork loin, pizza, beef Stroganoff, portabella mushrooms, and chili on Sundays.

Indulges in grilled Kobe beef steaks, chocolate truffles, hamburgers, gorgonzola cheese, hearty Irish lamb stew, and braised short ribs – always makes a statement.

Fancies a myriad of partners — spicy Szechuan, triple cream and blue cheeses, apple strudel, smoked salmon, Thai curry, charcuterie and glazed ham; fruit salad; bread pudding— sugar and spice and everything nice.

Meet the Proprietors

The Robust Experience emerged not only from a marriage of two people but from a combination of two very different, but compatible backgrounds.

Stanley Browne

Stanley Browne’s passion for wine began at youth. Son to a collector of French wines and connoisseur of Burgundy and Bordeaux wines, Stanley spent his younger years mastering the art of decanting, and tasting some of the finest wines in production though his family’s cellars in London, England and Tipperary, Ireland.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the restaurant, hospitality and wine industry, spanning across four different countries across the globe, he brings superior knowledge and expertise on the many aspects of wine. Stanley is a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers, a Certified Specialist of Wine, by the Society of Wine Educators, and a snappy dresser to boot. On the occasion Stanley finds free time, he indulges in bike rides with his children and Downton Abbey marathons.

Arlene Maminta Browne

While Stanley’s passion is wine, Arlene’s passion is people and bringing out the joy in those around her. With her extensive background in marketing, public relations, social media networking and development, Arlene has devoted herself to making Robust the extraordinary restaurant and event space it is and doing all she can to share her zeal. Arlene earned recognition from St. Louis Magazine as a member of the A-List “Editor’s Pick” Restaurant Dream Team – Owner for her efforts in Marketing 2011. Arlene is dedicated to her two beautiful children, and works tirelessly to support the arts, education, and children’s charities in the community. Arlene is, simply put, the heart and soul of Robust.

Meet the Chef

Chef Zachary Dale

Chef Zach was raised in the Missouri Bootheel surrounded by corn and soybeans. Family meals were made from the 100-square foot garden and modest orchard tended on their small chicken farm. Early food memories were bolstered by both grandmothers — one an accomplished southern cook in her own right, the other an avid gourmand.

Moving to Cape Girardeau for high school, Zach found a job bussing tables and washing dishes in the area’s premier Chinese restaurant. While there, he worked his way up to the tutelage of the Owner and Sous Chef who taught him both Chinese and Thai cuisines; they instilled in him the work ethic and passion to thrive in the culinary industry.

Culinary school in St. Louis brought Zach to the pantry at the freshly opened Robust Wine Bar and Café. Eleven years later, he helms the kitchen where he offers simple, approachable food, using carefully sourced ingredients, grounded in good technique. Drawing inspiration from the wine producing regions of the world, and with the help of a dedicated and diligent kitchen staff, he produces a new menu for every season.

When not in the kitchen, Chef Zach is an avid outdoorsman and amateur musician. He spends as much time as possible with his wife and kids, whose support inspires his strength, creativity, and determination. Zach is also known to enjoy a good glass of whiskey while listening to the music of Jethro Tull a little too loud.

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